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Your wooden fence or deck is a big financial investment.


Unfortunately, South Louisiana weather doesn't care. It will take its toll on the look and durability of your fence--making it older before its time.


Protect your valuable investment with help from Wood Defence. 



Here's how we can help:

For Fences
Wood Defence

Unlike other "universal use" stains, Wood Defence uses a superior product designed and formulated for a single purpose--fence staining. 

Stains used by Wood Defence are formulated to resist the harmful effects of U.V. rays, water damage, severe humidity, and mildew. Your fence will be better protected from Mother Nature's harsh elements--resulting in a longer life.

For Decks
Wood Defence

A deck can often be a bigger investment than a wooden fence, so why is it that the vast majority of them go unprotected from the elements? Because many of the stains on the market are difficult to apply and only coat the surface of the wood, owners end up watching their decks grey and deteriorate over time.


Wood Defence uses stains specifically designed for deck application. Its unique formula saturates the wood, highlighting existing wood grain and sealing out the harsh effects of the environment. 



The stains used by Wood Defence contain:


  • High quality, deep penetrating natural oils used to replenish and revive the composition of the wood

  • Pigments and UV inhibitors that lessen the damaging affect of harsh UV rays while providing ample color choices 

  • The latest available mildewcides and fungicides to repel the growth of harmful mildew and fungus spores that decay wood and turn fences and decks gray in appearance

  • Silicone that repels water--decreasing damage associated with warping, swelling and cupping


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